We just completed the Fourth Phase of our Outreach in September.  This phase was conducted jointly with Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center at the Yonkers Public Library, The Larkin Center, in Yonkers.  We conducted eight (8) outreaches, based on an innovative, FDA-cleared device, iBreastExam, which is based on tactile sensing technology, and  is (a) non-invasive, (b) portable, (c) radiation-free, and (d) gives results in minutes. https://vimeo.com/bravemakers/review/731006312/041106581bRead more

Earlier, we had conducted nine (9) outreaches in three phases:  four outreaches in United Community Center in New Rochelle, from May 22 - June 12, 2021; three in the Kiley Youth Center in Peekskill from July 17 to August 7, 2021, with the The Rotary Club of Peekskill as a partner, and on September 23 and 30 in Yonkers YMCA, Yonkers.  These were supervised by Dr. Maria Castaldi, Chief of Breast Cancer Surgery in Westchester Medical Center.  We have screened over 400 women in these outreaches, largely minorities.
A HUGE "Thank you!" to all the Rotarians and Non-Rotarians who participated in this massive Public Health Initiative and made it a success!  True Rotarians, living upto our motto, "Service Above Self".
We intend continuing this program, and will announce further details shortly.  So, if you missed the earlier outreach programs, stay tuned NOW!  If you would like a similar outreach in your area, email us:  Rotaryhudsonvalley@gmail.com