Public Health Initiative

Outreach For Early Detection Of

Breast Cancer lesions

We are delighted to launch this Public Health Initiative, an outreach program for early detection of breast cancer lesions based on an innovative new device, iBreastExam.  This new device  is (a) non-invasive; (b) portable; (c) radiation-free; and (d) gives results in minutes. 
Outreach camps will be held in densely populated neighborhoods in Westchester, New York, in Summer 2021.   Dr. Maria Castaldi, Chief, Breast Cancer Surgery, Westchester Medical Center, and her hand-picked medical team 
will conduct the iBreastExam tests, and will advise follow-ups where needed.  Upto 6,000 women are expected to be tested.  
Early Detection:  Key to Meeting the Breast Cancer Challenge
  • About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 13%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.
  • In 2021, an estimated 281,550 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S.,
  • In young women, breast cancer tends to be diagnosed in its later stages and be more aggressive, and because of their youth, the consequences are a lot more devastating (orphaned children, family disruption, untold suffering for everyone concerned, apart from the adverse financial effects, and the consequences on society).
As the American Cancer Society declared, Breast Cancer that’s found early, when it’s small and has not spread, is easier to treat successfully.  But early detection is a challenge for a large segment of the population:  women who typically fall "under the radar," i.e., women who do not undergo screening for various reasons: no insurance; fears associated with breast cancer (early menopause, sexual dysfunction, fertility issues, psychosocial issues such as anxiety, depression, body image); workplace issues; financial challenges due to the cost of cancer care; radiation and pain associated with mammograms; ignorance; and sheer lack of time in a working day especially amongst single mothers and low-income households where women work more than one job. Combined with the typical feeling of complacency and indifference to health typical of many young people, this leaves them a lot more vulnerable to become victims due to late diagnosis.
That is why iBreastExam is so significant.  As the World Health Organization report observed, IbreastExam is extremely useful as a "clinically effective breast  cancer lesion detection " (at p. 2), and a highly effective supplement to the established methods to diagnose breast cancer such as mammograms or biopsies.
The iBreastExam

The ibreastExam is an "FDA-cleared wireless handheld device [which] can detect tumor tissue using new tactile sensing technology in under five minutes without causing pain or emitting harmful radiation." L.Valenti, A New Breast Cancer Detection Device Can Identify Tumor Tissue in Under 5 Minutes, Vogue (Aug. 13, 2018).  Apart from FDA approval, it has been highly acclaimed by the WHO and many experts, and the subject of much media coverage such as Vogue, BBC, and New York Times. See, e.g., S. Cousins, A New Way to Detect Breast Cancer, N.Y. Times (Aug 28, 2018).  The American College of Obstreticians and Gynecologists gave a ringing endorsement of ibreastExam in a recent YouTube video,  Drexel University proudly highlighted ibreastExam as an example of "visionary engineering" by its alumnus,, and also published a back page cover ad  in the New York Times (Apr 18, 2021)
The ibreastExam is portable, about the size of a hair dryer, and easy to operate. For the WHO compendium of relevant facts concerning iBreastExam, see
(at p. 2).  See also TED talk on  
Our Public Health Initiative:  The Outreach Program
After the successful first phase in New Rochelle (May 22 - June 12), our second phase will be held July 17 - Aug 14, 2021, at the Kiley Youth Center, Peekskill (8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.).  The Rotary Club of Peekskill is a participant in this phase.  

There will be NO onsite registrations, and only women who have pre-registered will be tested.
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